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Laboratory Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker


Rotap sieve shakers are used for laboratory testing of particle size and size distribution in samples of solid materials. Used for soils, geological materials, alloys, and a host of other solid sample types that have individual particle sizes of from over 5" down to 20 microns.

Testing is accomplished by stacking a set of sieves of various sizes on top of each other, where the larger-hole sieves are on top and smaller-hole sieves are on bottom, in decreasing order. A solid pan is at the bottom to catch all sample particles that can pass through the smallest sieve's openings. The Rotap sive shaker is an apparatus that holds the entire stack of testing sieves, mechanically shaking/rotating them in a circular motion and tapping the top of the stack at the same time (this, Rotap). These actions help the various sized particles to be able to move through the stack of sieves until they rest on a sieve whose openings are too small for them to pass through. After a designated period of time of this mechanical shaking/tapping, the screens are removed from the Rotap, and each sieves contents are weighed up and recorded individually. From this data set, the % retained on each sieve is used to classify the size fractions present in the sample.

The materials of construction of Grinding Media depends up on the type of samples to be grind.
For Geological Ores & Minerals-Hardened Steel Grinding Media.
For Alloys-Tungsten Carbide Lined Grinding Media.
For Coal & Coke-Tungsten Carbide Coated Grinding Media.

Technical Specification:







8" or 200 mm sieves

12" or 300 mm sieves

two (columns) of 8" or 200 mm sieves

(8" or 200 mm) / (12" or 300 mm) sieves

Sound Enclosure



Cast Iron, Painted Mild steel




0 - 60 Minutes

Timer Type

Digital / Analog



Power Supply

220 Volts